Just what are a number of the future trends in hotel industry? Find out here

What can we anticipate in hotels in a year, in two years? Learn right here as we're going to talk about the most exciting advancements in the field.

There are many big events occurring in the hotel sector but amongst the most significant trends is certainly the greater use of technology in the hotel room. Most notably, this comes in the form of smart rooms. More and more, hotel rooms are transforming into tech-friendly environments. This means the introduction of smart speakers. This implies the implementation of automated systems. Essentially, it means that we will be seeing hotel rooms that are much easier to utilise, in a sense, on the subject of switching on lights and setting alarms. Who knows what the future will bring. You’ll see these sorts of things being brought up at hotel field events like the sort where Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi speaks. Keep on a look out for the technology used in the hotel industry. Sooner or later the rooms we stay in in hotels will be like something out of the future.

In terms of thinking about boutique hotel trends 2019, and even not limiting ourselves to them but wondering about the broader field, you would find that we are dealing with so much things that are connecting to sustainability. Increasingly, sustainability is the way to go in the world now. Big public buildings, like airports, are seeking to become carbon neutral for example. Hotels are no exception – recognizing that their clientele is growing to be more concerned about the environment, they are trying to become more environmentally friendly themselves. Without a doubt this is brought up at sector events like the one Thomas Magnuson was present at. Indeed, most of the hotels you may very well be staying at are making large effort to overhaul how they service clients, where they get electricity, how they dispose of waste and so on.

As time moves on, generations alter. You might be well aware of the phenomenon of millennials greatly impacting assorted industries. As this generation develops a more dominant influence in assorted markets, it happens to be essential to cook to cater to their needs, which may vary from the previous generation. One notable feature has been a ambition to look for genuine activities, for example. You can indeed view preferences of millennials impacting hospitality trends in the foreseeable future. It wouldn’t be strange to envision this showing up at the kind of conferences where Anselm Tabansi comes to speak. A greater emphasis on experience happens to be for sure one of the focuses of countless hotels around the world. It is curious to view what the affect of this generation will be on the hospitality sector over time, so keep on watching this space for the future.

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